Wednesday, January 04, 2006

More on "Munich"

I wanted to add to my blog on "Munich" from two days ago--mainly to recommend listening to Terry Gross' January 3rd interview with Tony Kushner on NPR's Fresh Air.

On the topic of fact and fiction, Kushner in essence says that it behooves the screenplay writer and director to make clear what falls into the realm of each and that he assumes the audience will research what they're not sure about either before or after watching the film.

Among the other topics Kushner talks about are: criticisms of the film, some of Spielberg's motivations for creating the movie--as memorial to the murdered Olympians, which the Olympic committee has refused to create, as opportunity to highlight Jews in an action film, as attempt to catalyze conversation of the moral complexity involved in assassination, no matter the reasons behind it, and to prompt conversation about the Middle East.
As always Terry Gross asks pointed and poignant yet smoothly and thoughtfully articulated questions.


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