Tuesday, January 17, 2006

carefree toddlers

If you’ve never taken a few minutes to watch toddlers wherever they are—whether it be at a coffee shop, a restaurant or a park—I highly recommend it. It’s really the most fun. Because they just don’t give a damn. And I mean that in the most un-cynical way possible. They don’t give a damn because I don’t think they know what it means—to worry about what other people think or to need a reason for everything they do. Take this little girl Molly, who is presently sipping some hot milk foam from an espresso cup at the table next to me at a neighborhood coffee shop. She is really living life to the fullest. Just stuck her finger into the foam, which her mom topped off with some cinnamon, and sucked it off with a huge slurp and grin. This is following her glee at running down the very short ramp that leads into the coffee shop, up the single step that goes up, and then down the ramp again.


Anonymous W. Turkel and Nicolas Quiroga said...

October / 2006

We are interested in learning more about history blogs and in finding ways to promote them. To aid in this effort, we are circulating a small questionnaire and will make the results available in Tapera (in Spanish) and in Digital History Hacks (in English). If you wish to participate, please return the questionnaire to tapera@tapera.info
Thank you very much.

William Turkel - Digital History Hacks - Digital History Hacks
Nicolás Quiroga – Tapera – http://tapera.info

First post (mm/dd/Y):

1. Which history-related blogs do you visit most frequently? (1-5)
2. What factors do you think are involved in your choice of blogs to read? (For example: quality of information, writing, institution, author profile, rankings, entertainment value...)
3. What factors characterize your own blog? Which are most important?
4. Have you changed the objectives of your blog since you created it?

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